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Allow for mixing AND and OR filters (Filters sections)#156



14 days ago


would be useful if you just want to monitor specific content but it MUST include both peices of criteria.

, or more relax sugguesting that you are looking for a variable but are not requiring both variables to be in one post. For example: maybe I am looking for a “news” article on my comptetitor AND it talks about a “region” that I am in. Rather than some articles on my competitor in irrelevant locations and sources I do not wish to reffer to.
We may want to have an

, all BUT specific content with merely one peice of data being similar:

IE: Nothing about a fiscal year or bahamas ( IDK, Because my company just paid the top earners to go to bahamas)


all content but any data who has all these factor included: this ( IE weekly income reports) while also including (a specific source that is known for writting specifically about that)

13 days ago

tks for the feedback

13 days ago