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Option to Colour Code Report Headers#90


There are currently limited colours to choose from for the report headers. Can we have an option to choose colour with a hex code, for instance #f47843? This will be really helpful for those who are doing whitelabel and want a colour that is aligned with the company’s brand colours/guide. Thanks!

6 months ago

coming soon. ETA 1 month.

5 months ago
Changed the status to
Working on it
5 months ago

This was completed.

Based on the variety of requests we’ve received we’ve updated the Reports module with the following:

✅ Fast Preview functionality
✅ Custom Report Colors (text, background)
✅ Reports in Any Language
✅ Customize all Titles/Subtitles/Descriptions
✅ Mentions in PDF report include Title and URL
✅ Clone Report functionality

Here you can find a small video and some more details about the update

Thanks for being a customer and #StaySafe!

4 months ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago